Tattoo Training Residency:

Through the program six participants will become qualified cultural tattoo practitioners that are trained in design application, cultural safety, and the health aspects of tattooing. Emphasis will be placed on health and safety with the trainees being certified in blood borne pathogens. Participants will learn hand-poke and skin-stitch tattoo design and application techniques. Sessions will include learning about the importance of tattoo revival; learning about and discussing Indigenous tattoo revivals elsewhere and within the global context; discussion on and research into each individuals cultural and ancestral tattooing traditions and protocols. The ideal candidate is: community minded, engaged in cultural learning and knowing, detail oriented, and has artistic/design abilities. This program is rigorous and intensive. Some days may include long hours. Candidates must be able to learn in a fast paced environment and should be self- motivated to learn with the capacity to learn within a group context. • You must be First Nations, Metis, or Inuit and a Canadian Resident to apply

• There is no fee to apply and accommodations are provided on UBC-O campus. All tattoo equipment and supplies are provided. Cost of travel and a participation fee will be provided pending funding.

• Participants are expected to attend the residency for the entirety of the residency, weekends are off.

• There will be a three-day hiking trip involved, participants are required to bring along personal hiking and camping equipment (some equipment may be provided, more details will be available upon acceptance).